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Here are some interesting metrics about our members, after our first week in existence:

32 members from 11 countries.
13 industries represented, so this group has a diverse background.


3 CEOs, and 1 CTO.
Only 2 members said they are vendors, so this group is clearly led by professionals and practitioners, not by vendors or marketers with commercial interests.

13 experts, 3 distingiuished. The rest are novice, proficient, apprentice, other.
4 members who said they were proficient have between 5-15 years experience.
13 members who said they are experts have between 10-25 years experience.
3 members who said they are distinguished have 25 years experience.

11 architects/designers (all with between 10-25 years of experience), which is the largest role represented. 9 other roles, so there is a lot of variety in job roles.

Approximately half the members have between 15-25 years experience.

8 members have 25 years experience.
4 members have 20 years experience.
6 members have 15 years experience.
This is a highly experienced group.

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11 countries are represented:

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