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The Agility Alliance network (AAN) and the Business Rule Experts Group (BRxG)

A few members have suggested that Agility Alliance create a special interest group for advanced rulebase and knowledgebase topics. That would let the business rule and technology experts get into deep discussions on AI, Rete, CEP, for example, that they are passionate about but that the general IT community is not that interested in. And that would let the Agility Alliance focus on higher level technology and business topics that managers, executives, and technology leaders are interested in.

Agility Alliance
Connecting technology gurus and business masterminds to make things better
Where technology experts and business leaders learn and share ideas for business transformation and systems modernization
70 members

Business Rule Experts Group
Social network for BR experts, advanced users and customers
Social network for BR professionals and BPM, CEP, EA, KM, ES & AI friends
Global network of business rule management and rulebase technology professionals (global rules user group)
13 members

These are both Ning social networks, so you can use the same Ning ID to sign in. They are pretty open and flexible social networks. That means you can add groups, blogs, photos, slides, videos, chat, links, tutorials, articles, white papers, etc.

I think this is what members want. But we'll see. It's really up to you. If the rule folks buy in, join BRxG, and take their deep thoughts there, then what we'll do is migrate the technical sub-groups, like Rete, neural networks, validation, etc. from Agility Alliance to BRxG. That will leave Agility Alliance with the high-level management sub-groups like KM, BRM, BPM, SCM, CRM, etc. I hope that makes sense.

Let me know what you think. Invite your IT and business friends to join Agility Alliance. Invite your rulebase/rules friends to join BRxG. Get the discussions started!

Thanks for joining and inviting your friends. We look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with you!

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