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This network is a non-commerical no-spin, no-spam, and NO-MARKETEERING zone

Agility Alliance is a network to share ideas such as lessons learned and best practices.

This is not the right place to post commercial messages, spam, links to get-rich quick schemes, etc.

We can delete those messages, so if you see them let us know. We can also ban members if necessary, but let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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Interesting... This zone is non-commercial but the right-hand side id filled with commercials from all kinds of commercial enterprises including:

High School Reunion
Make Money Doing Nothing
Build a Reunion Website
Single Mom Makes it Big
100 Millionaires by 2012

Isn't there SOME way to turn all that off? And then, maybe we could use the space for something productive?

It's ironic isn't it. Ning offers some pretty cool features like It's like Blogger, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, YouTube, Instant Messenger, etc. all in one place. For free.

For a monthly fee, we can get rid of the default Google ads which, on some pages, seem to have nothing to do with Agility Alliance matters.

We could use that space for content and relevant ads by sponsors who want to reach our network of technology experts and business leaders. If you want to sponsor Agility Alliance, contact us. This is a pretty open and transparent network, so interested sponsors can see who we are by visiting and

People are so used to seeing those tiny irrelevant ads on the right that by now our brains have been programmed to ignore them. If you can find a way to turn off commercials on (free) TV and radio let me know.

Meanwhile, until we get sponsors for real ads or to sponsor a no-ad site, here's one way you can turn off the ads on this network:

I blog on both and - both of which pay you for ads but NOT having ads is a free enterprise. Just the opposite of which seems to be that you have to pay to get rid of those silly ads. They also offer most of what has but not as "cool" as Possibly because seems focused toward the teeny-boppers (does that description show you my age?) and not toward professional bloggers. :-)

BTW, the main page used to be mostly about rulebased vendors of one form or another. But now we seem to be getting really silly stuff - especially on the secondary pages.



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