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Here are some interesting statistics on how brain drain in government.

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Bottom line:

1. 61% of federal managers say their agencies do not have knowledge management policies to help prepare for the impending brain-drain

2. four out of 10 federal workers will be retiring within five years

3. Organizations "can't afford a single gap of knowledge," said Joel Brunson, president of Tandberg's federal market business. However, when a mass exodus of workers do leave their jobs, "it's about losing day-to-day knowledge, tricks of the trade," and an accumulation of what's been learn over 25 to 35 years, he said.

4. Organizations often do poor jobs of documenting key information like best practices, operational procedures, important tips, and other details to instruct workers in their jobs -- and once key personnel leave, there's a void in person-to-person communication to pass on that knowledge as well.

5. While 87% of federal managers say their agencies collect information about official operating processes and procedures, only 37% collect information about how to do things most efficiently.

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