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Terrorists are Coming to Town

Terrorists are coming to town.

We better watch out

We all might die

Stay home don't go out

I'm telling you why

Terrorists are coming to town.

TSA's making a list,

Airlines aren't checking it twice;

We'll never find out Who's naughty or nice.

Terrorists are coming to…


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DRG/BRxG user group meeting on Thursday Nov. 5

The Dallas Rules Group / Business Rule Experts Group (DRG/BRxG) user group meeting will be held Thursday, Nov. 5 at the IBM IIC, in Dallas, TX.

For details, please follow this link:

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Dallas Rules Group (DRG), Sept. 3, 2009 meeting at IBM IIC, Dallas, TX

Dallas Rules Group (DRG) will hold an organization/planning meeting on Sept. 3rd in Farmer's Branch, Dallas, TX.

DRG is a new business rules user group that meets monthly in DFW. DRG is the local chapter of the Business Rules eXperts Group (BRxG), a global rules user group. BRxG is a special interest group of Agility Alliance.

For more information or to register for the meeting, please see these links:

1. About DRG Sept 3rd meeting:… Continue

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AI 2.0

This is the first time I've heard the term Artificiail Intelligence 2.0. But the article is really about social networks evolving into Social Expert Systems (ES).

Read about it here.

Add your thoughts and comments below.

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Is An Expert System The Answer To Homeland Security?

Here is an interesting article on expert system technology for homeland security. This looks like an article promoting the stock SDSS, but the real story is how they are using ES to improve the detection rate and minimize false positives.

Excerpt from

"...However, perhaps the best example of such leveraging is Suspect Detection Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: SDSS). Based in Israel,… Continue

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POLL: Should NASCAR fine driver $200,000 for 0.17 cubic inch rule violation?

Here's the story:

NASCAR fines driver $200,000 for 0.17 cubic inch engine violation. His engine was 358.17 cubic inches in volume, just 0.17 inches above the NASCAR limit of 358 cubic inches.

Bottom line

- Carl Long blew an engine during practice

- NASCAR measured it, it was 0.04 percent out of spec

- $200,000 fine, 12 race suspension

- Driver… Continue

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POLL: Would you fire an employee for breaking the "Get to work on time" rule?

Some rules are hard and fast and must never be broken. Others are fuzzy and require judgment. For example, take a simple rule like "be on time to work." Would you fine or fire someone for being 5 minutes late? (VOTE & see poll results)

The Washington Nationals baseball team has a "don't be late to work rule." A few days ago Nationals right fielder Elijah Dukes was 5 minutes late to work.… Continue

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Three levels of Business Rule Enforcement?

Interesting blog post about three levels of business rules enforcement:

Credit: Thanks to a Twitter by By Louis Davidson:

" ...So I starting thinking that there needed to be some standard way to describe the different levels of business rule enforcement. For example:

Hard and fast – These are rules that will never be broken under any circumstances. Like an exact birthdate in the future. Or a negative amount of time worked (reversing entries could be an… Continue

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Options as American industry faces a brain drain

Here are some deas on solving the knowledge-transfer problem:

" As the more than 76 million Baby Boomers approach retirement, an imminent talent shortage is affecting the workforce, and many U.S. companies will be challenged with a significant loss of experienced workers. This talent drain can be partially alleviated if companies entice older workers to remain in the workforce longer, according to Joan Strewler-Carter and Stephen Carter, co-founders of the Life Options Institute, an… Continue

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