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Is An Expert System The Answer To Homeland Security?

Here is an interesting article on expert system technology for homeland security. This looks like an article promoting the stock SDSS, but the real story is how they are using ES to improve the detection rate and minimize false positives.

Excerpt from

"...However, perhaps the best example of such leveraging is Suspect Detection Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: SDSS). Based in Israel, SDS was founded by former senior officials of Israeli security along with high-tech industry experts. If ever there was a place that knows about security, it's Israel. For over 60 years, security there has been #1 priority, built upon almost daily threats, both internal and external. All of that hard-won experience has now been loaded into a standalone software package, a proprietary "expert system" designed to, among other things, successfully screen suspects based upon a variety of biofeedback indicators.

The SDS product is an automated decision making system capable of collecting and analyzing psycho-physiological indicators and cross-referencing them against additional information. Once an individual is tagged as a suspect, they will be directed to further questioning by the appropriate authority. By using 5 minute tests, the system is designed to identify terrorists, employees who have hostile intents, criminals, smugglers or collaborators, while freeing up the time of human resources until needed. The system is quieting a lot of skeptics who, until now, have considered any such attempt as futile, because it's turning out to be surprisingly reliable, with a false alarm rate of no more than 4%. Some see the SDS system as a huge improvement over the old CAPPS II (Computer-Assisted Passenger Pre-Screening System), a source of so much controversy..."

Interesting. This should help convince any remainming skeptics that expert systems really didn't go away, they went undercover.

Anybody know if CAPPS uses AI or ES technology?

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