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POLL: Should NASCAR fine driver $200,000 for 0.17 cubic inch rule violation?

Here's the story:
NASCAR fines driver $200,000 for 0.17 cubic inch engine violation. His engine was 358.17 cubic inches in volume, just 0.17 inches above the NASCAR limit of 358 cubic inches.

Bottom line
- Carl Long blew an engine during practice
- NASCAR measured it, it was 0.04 percent out of spec
- $200,000 fine, 12 race suspension
- Driver docked two hundred driver points in the NASCAR Sprint Cup

Some thoughts (from the excellent comments on the article)
1. NASCAR measured a blown engine. If my car engine blew, it might expand - - maybe the engine was ok before it blew up!

2. Long was in 63rd place before the suspension, so he is not a superstar NASCAR driver. If this was Dale Jr., do you think NASCAR would suspend him for 12 races for a 0.17 inch violation... which would clearly affect attendance, TV viewers, etc., and lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue to NASCAR. I think if NASCAR would do that to Dale Jr., then they should do it Carl too.

What would you do if you were NASCAR? Would you follow the rules or break the rules?

Vote here.

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