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POLL: Would you fire an employee for breaking the "Get to work on time" rule?

Some rules are hard and fast and must never be broken. Others are fuzzy and require judgment. For example, take a simple rule like "be on time to work." Would you fine or fire someone for being 5 minutes late? (VOTE & see poll results)

The Washington Nationals baseball team has a "don't be late to work rule." A few days ago Nationals right fielder Elijah Dukes was 5 minutes late to work. Manager Manny Acta fined Dukes $500 and told Dukes he would be sent to the minor leages if he was late again.

Dukes was late because he was signing autographs at a Little League function that was not sponsored by the Nationals. Manager Manny Acta decided to enforce the rules. "We are going to change the culture here, regardless of how well a guy is playing," Acta said. "It was a bizarre situation, because he was doing something that we encourage our players to do. He was out in the community doing something for some Little League program and he just showed up late for work. He was very remorseful about it. He felt bad, but we have to lay down the law. Regardless of who is out there, we are still losing ballgames. We have to change the culture somehow."

Would you:
- follow the rule
- bend the rule
- ignore the rule
- forget the rule, and worry about bigger problems?
(VOTE & see poll results)

The Natinals do have bigger problems: Like winning (the Nationals are 3-10, and the Marlins are 11-3); and uniforms with big-league spelling errors. I wonder if they have a rule for fining the manager for letting his players go on the field with "Natinals" shirts instead of "Nationals." (Majestic apologizes for misspelling; Uniform company left out 'O' in Nationals on two jerseys)

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