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WARNING: CEO's need to wise up and "bail out" of billion dollar IT projects right now

Dear CEO:

I am sick and tired of reading about billion dollar IT projects that we both know are never going to work, change, or last. It's time to stop the non-sense and use common-sense.

Here's just one example from InformationWeek. California is spending $3,600,000,000 (that's $3.6 BILLION) on these systems:

• Financial system: 11.8 years, $1.6B
• Strategic Offender System: 5.7 years, $416M
• Home Support Services: 10 years, $298M
• Automated Welfare System: 3.8 years, $263M
• Child Welfare System: 7.3 years, $254M
• Motor Vehicles IT Modernization: 6.8 years, $207M
• Consolidate IT Infrastructure: 2.9 years, $191M
• HR System: 6.1 years, $179M
• ERP for Prisons: 4.5 years, $176M

Do you really want to cut your systems development budget?

Here's how:

Let's say you're planning an 18-month $18 million systems development project. Imagine that's the cost and time for analysis, design, programming, testing, and deployment.

Using business rules, rulebases, rulebased technology, and architecture and engineering principles, we can program that system in 12 months and $12 million. It's that easy.

We can save you 6 months and $6 million just by using rule-based programming languages instead of hard-coding your rules.

If you can tell us exactly what all your business requirements are, and how many business rules you have, well then we can bring your costs down even more.

We can find enough good qualifed experienced out of work programmers right now who are just as cost-effective and as productive as any programmer in any country who would love to work on your project. And they're ready to start as soon as you're ready to save $$$.

When do you want to start saving millions of dollars?

Hurry, you must act now. Call 1-800-SAVE. The first 50 callers will save an additonal $1 million if you call in the next 30 days. You must call before shareholders find out how much you're really spending on systems development.

PS - By the way, for every $1 billion you spend on development, you're spending $5 billion on maintenance. It's time to stop IT non-sense. You must call now!

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Comment by James Owen on February 4, 2009 at 5:31pm

One of the really BIG problems is that companies have been lured by the sirens of savings onto the rocks of off-shoring and discovered many, many knotty problems:

1. This is NOT a world market / economy. It's about saving jobs HERE in the USA. We have off-shored so many jobs that we are now in moving from a World Class country to the 3rd class country.

2. Foreign companies care not one whit about your company in the USA - they care only about the survival of their country and their company!

3. Foreign workers will sell your private data to anyone who has cash because they know that their country won't prosecute them if they get enough cash to bribe the local officials.

4. Coordination between the USA and India is a fantastic pain in a bazoo when the times zones are about 12 hours apart - just are you finish up at 6:00 p.m. it's just barely 8:00 a.m. there. Everything has to be done with emails, letters, or meetings conducted at really strange hours.

5. Pier One (I think that was the company) just laid off 200 IT programmers because they could get a company in India to "guarantee" some kind of results (with money up front, of course) so they are slashing jobs everywhere. At a time when we NEED our own companies to hire LOCAL guys in the USA.

6. It's the IT guys who keep things running but, unfortunately, the IT guys don't know HOW to use a rulebase properly in order to do what Rolando addresses in his blog above. And the experienced Knowledge Engineers such a Rolando and myself are never asked to help in a reasonable manner. All the companies want is two weeks here and six weeks there to "show them the way." Well, good luck with that!

7. October Rules Fest is all about technical resources learning HOW to solve technical problems using rulebased systems, or BRMS, if you will. "Iron sharpens iron" and at ORF it is the intent of the conference that technical personnel will help other technical personnel to solve really complicated problems.

8. Managers seem to have NO IDEA of how to solve a problem other than throwing money at it and demanding that it "work" somehow - usually with the infamous cloud labeled MHH. (Magic Happens Here.) Well, guess what? BRMS/Rulebased Systems IS the freaking magic!! And it's one of the best kept secrets in IT and Management.

Preach on, Brother Rolando!! Maybe someone will hear who can make a difference. :-)


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